Ingredient Amount
Strontium Carbonate 12.00
Wollastonite 18.00
Ferro Frit 3195 7.00
Minspar 200 23.00
Grolleg Kaolin 13.00
Silica (200 Mesh) 27.00


This glaze should be clear, shiny, and glossy. Specific gravity: 1.43.  Apply thinly to porcelain. Works well with stain additions, too! Note: I consistently use Amaco Velvet underglazes with this glaze, which adheres nicely to them.

If this glaze settles after mixing, add 2% bentonite, use 325-mesh silica, or use half of the silica as microcrystalline silica (changing the silica may affect the glaze fit and cause crazing if fired to cone 10 or above). Minspar 200 or Minspar 250 should both work well.

Note: Always wear a properly fitted respirator when handling dry material.


This recipe was shared by Nan Coffin in the April 2024 issue of Ceramics Monthly.