Ingredient Amount
Talc 5.00
ferro frit 3124 20.00
diamond-kaolin 12.50
EPK Kaolin 12.50
OM 4 Ball Clay 25.00
Pyrophyllite 5.00
silica 20.00
Add Amount
zircopax 5.00


*Diamond Kaolin is no longer available, so substitute another white kaolin like Grolleg, Georgia, or EPK. 

I mix this into a cream-like consistency and then typically water it down until it’s roughly the consistency of half-and-half. To help with settling, add a tablespoon or two of Epsom salts per batch of 10,000 grams. I dip pieces at the leather-hard stage for 3 seconds. 

All my work is coated in Stephenson White Slip (the same recipe Bede Clark uses) and applied to leather-hard clay. I have had great success with this slip going from low-fire to high-fire temperatures. Mostly used in atmospheric kilns like gas, wood, and soda. I believe this slip allows for brighter flashing as well as brighter colors in my glazes. 

This recipe was shared by Eric Ordway in the May 2023 issue of Ceramics Monthly.