Ingredient Amount
nepheline syenite 14.00
helmer kaolin 65.00
grolleg kaolin 14.00
silica 7.00
Add Amount
vee gum t 0.35
macaloid 0.50


I make this slip thick but also use it in a thinner consistency. Apply thinly or thickly by dipping, pouring, or brushing, depending on the desired surface. This slip works well when applied to drier greenware pots, rather than those in the leather- hard stage.

These recipes are shown applied over a dark clay body. I work mainly with a clay body from STARworks called DarkSTAR 10, and I also use other high-fire clays from various clay companies. 

This recipe was shared by Minsoo Yuh in the January 2022 issue of Ceramics Monthly.