Ingredient Amount
new zealand halloysite 25.00
minspar 200 feldspar 23.00
super standard porcelain 27.00
silica 25.00
Add Amount
veegum t 2.00
mason stain dark red 6021 4.00
mason stain mango 6030 3.00
us pigment mango 1352-m 1.00


Super Standard porcelain is a very white kaolin. This clay body (S.W.F.T. or Super White Fairly Translucent) is most plastic and workable when mixed as a slip and dried out on plaster. It shrinks about 18%. I fire on alumina wash rather than kiln wash as it will take on the uneven texture.
To make colored clays, I add 2–8% ceramic stains. 

This recipe was shared by Chris Alveshere in the January/February 2022 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated