Ingredient Amount
Cedar Heights RedArt 100.00


To make this slip, mix Cedar Heights Redart with water until it forms a thin slip. I aim for a consistency similar to whole milk or almond milk, but consider experimenting for different results. You can dip, brush, or spray this slip onto bisque-fired pots.


I was first introduced to Redart flashing slip through the work of ceramic artists Lindsay Oesterritter, Emma Louise Kaye, and Kayla Noble. When participating in reduction-cooled wood firings, I often apply this slip on pots made from iron-rich stoneware clays. I love how simple the recipe is and am continually amazed by the variety of surfaces it creates. The color of the fired slip ranges from red and burgundy to silver and black; dramatic scaly textures can emerge, and the surfaces frequently take on a metallic, iridescent quality. The final surfaces are impacted significantly by how the wood kiln is fired, the clay body, and a piece’s location in the kiln.


This recipe was shared by Alex Olson in the May 2024 issue of Ceramics Monthly.