Ingredient Amount
Dolomite 20.00
Ferro Frit 3134 20.00
Spodumene 20.00
OM-4 Ball Clay 20.00
Silica 20.00
Add Amount
Tin Oxide 5.00
Zircopax 10.00


For an 8000-gram batch: mix dry ingredients into enough water to completely hydrate the materials and soak overnight in a 5-gallon bucket. Before sieving, add enough water to make the mixture creamy. Mix well, sieve through an 80-mesh sieve, and add a little more water as needed to thin. Works well if mixed to the consistency of whole milk. We use this glossy white glaze frequently at Mud Queen Pottery, and find that dipping and brushing work best. Fire to a fast cone 6 with a 13–15-minute hold. 

This recipe was shared by Audra Doughty in the January 2024 issue of Ceramics Monthly.