Ingredient Amount
water-(in-gallons) 1.00
liquid-sodium-silicate-(in-tbsp) 3.00
soda-ash-(in-tsp) 1.50


Keep magic water stored in a sealable container. I dip my scoring tool into the magic water and then proceed to score the areas that need to be joined. 

Magic water is a deflocculant. Once it has been added to the areas that you want to join, it causes those clay molecules to repel one another, making the clay thinner and more liquid. As someone who primarily builds with slabs, I am constantly attaching seams and darting to alter my forms. The sodium silicate is sticky, like glue, strengthening the bond of the attachment throughout the drying process. Both soda ash and sodium silicate contain sodium, which is a flux and will lower the melting point of anything it is mixed with. This helps the seams stay attached throughout the firing process as well.

This recipe was shared by Marissa Childers in the November 2023 issue of Ceramics Monthly.