Ingredient Amount
dolomite 15.58
whiting 8.89
zinc oxide 0.50
potash feldspar 46.45
ferro frit 3124 5.69
georgia kaolin 16.20
silica 6.69
Add Amount
mason stain 6315 zirconium vanadium blue 2.00


The glaze used is from the book Glazes Cone 6: 1240°C/2264°F, by Michael Bailey. The glaze is called GA18 and was developed by David Hewitt. He described it as a “very smooth satin or ‘eggshell’ glaze that will allow slips with coloured metal oxides or commercial stains, to show through. If over fired it goes shiny.”

Due to not having access to some of the materials, I adapted the original recipe from the book to what is listed here.

I sprayed the glaze on a cream colored stoneware after protecting areas with wax resist. This work (1) was fired to a flat cone-6 witness cone. 


This recipe was shared by Erin Furimsky in the November 2021 issue of Ceramics Monthly.