Ingredient Amount
soda ash 4.90
minspar 200 feldspar 53.05
nepheline syenite 7.61
spodumene 18.82
cedar heights red art 8.71
epk kaolin 6.91


Shino-type glaze that works well layered over Tomato Red, Rutile Blue, and Susie Yellow glazes. Mix to a specific gravity of 1.6. 

Mix these glazes (Rutile Blue, Dolly Russian, Susie Yellow, and Tomato Red) to a thin, tomato-soup consistency in the bucket. Even the shino (Dolly Russian glaze) is mixed so the slurry is on the thin side. If you dip your index finger in the mixed glaze, you should clearly see the wrinkles on your knuckle and the outline of your fingernail, but you should not be able to see any skin through the glaze. The glazes were all applied via dipping the pots shown into the bucket. Each dip immersed the pot in the glaze for no longer than three seconds total, and excess glaze was shaken off as soon as the pot was pulled out of the bucket. The pots were fired to cone 10 in a Blaauw kiln with a light reduction. The clay was Standard 306. 


This recipe was shared by Ben Clark and Andrew Osterburg in the February 2022 issue of Ceramics Monthly.