Ingredient Amount
Gerstley borate 10.00
Whiting 12.00
Custer Feldspar 73.00
silica 5.00
Add Amount
Copper Carbonate 3.00
tin-oxide 1.00


I have several glazes that are compatible and blend well together for use in reduction firing and atmospheric firing. The following glazes work very well in soda firing. I usually start by dipping or spraying a piece in theWhite Crackle Slip.The slip gives me a white ground and the glazes seem more vivid. If you want the slip to crackle, it’s better when dipped. All of the glazes work fine individually, but I like the way they blend together. My base glazes are the Hagi and more recently Sea Slug. Hagi is transparent and the Sea Slug is a matte surface.These glazes can be dipped or sprayed.The glaze recipes have come from different workshops over the years, and some were developed in the glaze chemistry class at Ohio University, where I teach. 

This recipe was shared by Brad Schwieger in the January 2023 issue of Ceramics Monthly