Ingredient Amount
amaco-lg-10-clear-transparent-(listed-in-parts) 3.00
amaco-lg-24-light-blue-(listed-in-parts) 1.00


Listed in parts. Apply 1–2 layers (depending on desired color) and fire to cone 05 in an electric kiln.

As a high school art teacher, with limited storage space and ventilation, I rely on commercial glazes. I appreciate the work glaze companies do to provide teachers with consistent glazes and technical support. Because of the amount of glaze usage in my classroom, I was able to utilize and transfer that knowledge to my personal work. Still following the practice of experimenting and testing, I have come to use a 3:1 ratio of Amaco Lg-10 Clear and Amaco Lg 24 Light Blue fired to cone 05. The clear dilutes the blue to allow more transparency but still provides depth where it pools.

This recipe was shared by Christy Culp in the October 2023 issue of Ceramics Monthly.