Ingredient Amount
Dolomite 10.50
Gerstley borate 4.55
strontium carbonate 19.09
Whiting 5.25
nc-4-(soda-feldspar) 34.74
Calcined EPK Kaolin 3.60
EPK Kaolin 13.57
Silica (325 Mesh) 5.27
Add Amount
Copper Carbonate 1.00


This glaze is an adaptation of the cone-10 Ayumi Turquoise and cone-6 Ayumi recipes found on Elements of the two recipes were combined and reformulated into one recipe by Paul Serena, The Clay Studio’s studio technician. It yields all of the same surface qualities of the cone-10 Ayumi Turquoise recipe in our cone-7 gas firings. Ben Franklin Bridge Aqua glaze yields the most color variation when applied onto Grolleg porcelain. 


This recipe was shared by Michael Griffin in the February 2023 issue of Ceramics Monthly.