Ingredient Amount
wollastonite 24.10
nepheline syenite 27.69
epk kaolin 21.03
silica 27.18
Add Amount
zinc oxide 2.00
bentonite 1.00
zircopax 10.00


Mix this glaze to the consistency of heavy cream. Apply thickly as accents via brushing. For Pink, combine already mixed batches of White and Red glazes by eye and test to refine results. For all colored stains, I use various Mason stains. 

These recipes are shown applied over a dark clay body. I work mainly with a clay body from STARworks called DarkSTAR 10, and I also use other high-fire clays from various clay companies. 

This recipe was shared by Minsoo Yuh in the January 2022 issue of Ceramics Monthly.