Ingredient Amount
ferro frit 3124 80.00
nepheline syenite 10.00
OM 4 Ball Clay 10.00
Add Amount
zircopax 10.00
mason-stain-6219-french 5.00
mason-stain-6029-lobster 7.00


This is a very versatile base glaze. I didn’t formulate it myself, but I can’t recall the source. I automatically add 10% Zircopax to get an opaque white, and 5–10% Mason stains. This glaze is opaque enough on the red clay body that I use that I don’t need to prime the surface with a white slip. All of my work is bisque fired to cone 1 and glaze fired to 04. When I glaze, I use a little squeeze bottle to deposit glaze onto the surface (this helps it adhere better than brushing or dipping). I usually add a splash of CMC gum solution as well. 

For Teal, add Mason Stain 6219 French, as shown in recipe.

For Light Pink, add Mason Stain 6029 Lobster, as shown in recipe.

This recipe was shared by Taylor Mezo in the May 2022 issue of Ceramics Monthly