Ingredient Amount
Dolomite 23.63
Nepheline Syenite 71.55
OM 4 Ball Clay 4.82
Add Amount
Zircopax 17.92
Red Iron Oxide 1.12
Bentonite 4.50


Published in "Atmospheric Glazes" by Lisa York, in the Dec 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly. This glaze works well in reduction, soda, and wood firings. Shown here on porcelain with wax resist that was fired in a reduced wood/soda kiln to cone 10. The yellow areas in the image are the Yellow Salt glaze and the brown areas in the image are the bare clay body with no glaze.
Mix all ingredients prior to adding the water. Add a small amount of Epsom salts to keep the glaze in suspension. Test to find exact ratio.