Ingredient Amount
G-200 Feldspar 17.50
C&C Ball Clay 60.00
Grolleg Kaolin 5.00
Silica 17.50
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Brown Mason Stain 4.00
Manganese 2.00
Red Iron Oxide 2.00


Published in "Trailing Slip, Matte Glaze" by East Fork Pottery, in the Jun 2014 issue of Ceramics Monthly.
We use this slip for all of our slip trailing. Mix thick and run through a 100-mesh sieve. We usually keep it quite thick in the bucket and thin it to the desired consistency in the slip trailers, which are Clairol hair-coloring applicator bottles. Apply to leather-hard greenware. There is no need to deflocculate the slip. For application, thin to the point where it doesn't leave hard peaks when applying a dot.