Ingredient Amount
Gerstley Borate 50.00
Ferro Frit 3110 50.00


This glaze is used as the top layer in a "Naked Raku" technique. Included in "From Oh No! to Oh Wow!" by Kate and Will Jacobson, September/October 2011 Pottery Making Illustrated, pg. 37
This glaze is used as a top layer in a "Naked Raku" process. First, the pot gets colored slips applied, is burnished, and bisque fired. then, a layer of slip made from the clay body used to make the pot is applied. Once this is dry, the glaze is poured over the piece and patterns are drawn through the slip/glaze layers to the pot surface. After firing, the slip/glaze cracks and allows smoke from the raku reduction process to permeate to the surface of the pot. The thicker the glaze, the bigger the crackles after firing. Once the pot is cooled, the slip/glaze is flaked off to reveal the original colored slips beneath the resist, and the carbon lines from the cracked slip/glaze layer.