Ingredient Amount
Pioneer Talc - West TX Talc 5.00
Ferro Frit 3124 33.00
Minspar 200 Feldspar 12.00
6 Tile Kaolin 25.00
EPK Kaolin 25.00
Add Amount
Macaloid 1.00


Image shown is unfired.

Published in "Unity, Form, and Surface: A New Approach to Fritware" by Frank Krevens, in the Sep 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

Fritware is very different from porcelain, but it does provide a dense, bright, white background for surfaces and glazes. Oxidation-fired test results: Shrinkage: Wet to Dry = 5.5%, Wet to cone 010 = 9.5%, Wet to cone 04 = 11.5%. Absorption = 0.4%.

Mix all ingredients prior to adding the water.