Ingredient Amount
Pioneer Texas Gray Talc 33.33
Coarse Fireclay Grog 33.33
OM4 Ball Clay 32.33
Bentonite 1.01


Published in "Flameware" by David Pier, in the May 2011 issue of Ceramics Monthly.
Note: No guarantee is made by the author or Ceramics Monthly regarding this recipe. All individuals must test materials and maintain quality control to ensure proper performance of any clay body - particularly flameware. To test if you actually have flameware after you fire it, don full protective clothing including a mask with a face shield and apply a propane torch flame directly to one spot on the test piece.  Once it gets red hot, pick it up with tongs and drop it in a metal bucket of water. If it can take that, then it is flameware. You still need to be careful because you can never be sure there aren't any pores that may create steam pressure in the future.