Ingredient Amount
Barium Carbonate 1.90
Whiting 19.60
Custer Feldspar 24.50
Grolleg Kaolin 19.70
Silica 34.30
Add Amount
Tin Oxide 1.00
Yellow Iron Oxide 0.50


The secret to getting a good blue celadon is using a potassium-rich clay body. When choosing a clay body, first prioritize the flux, looking for either Custer or Mahavir feldspar. Grolleg kaolin has potassium impurities, making it a great candidate when choosing between kaolins as well. Ball mill the glaze slurry for an hour to avoid iron speckling. I prefer this glaze in heavy reduction on porcelain, and it also looks great when fired in soda- or wood-kiln atmospheres.

This recipe was shared by Jacob Monroe in the May 2021 issue of Ceramics Monthly.