Ingredient Amount
Talc 40.00
Nepheline Syenite 10.00
OM 4 Ball Clay 40.00
Silica 10.00
Add Amount
Zircopax 7.00


Since the nepheline syenite can cause slight deflocculation, mix on the thicker side and wait 24 hours before making any adjustments.

For white, add 7% Zircopax for thick brushing or trailing consistency; 10–15% to achieve higher opacity for thin dipping consistency. For color, add 10–15% Mason stain. Add equal percent Ferro Frit 3124 to counter the refractory nature of many stains (I've found that certain stain colors will shiver in the glaze firing without the addition of the frit.)

This slip is very versatile and can be appliec to wet, soft leather-hard, or leather-hard clay, depending on application method. To create my surfaces, I mix the white slip to a cream-like consistency and dip or pour onto leather-hard pots as a background. Once dry, I brush on layers of colored slips. I mix a large batch of white slip, and then mix colored slips by adding 1–2 tbsp stain and frit for desired level of intensity per one cup of base slip.

This recipe was shared by Susan McHenry in the September 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly.