Ingredient Amount
Wollastonite 5.30
Ferro Frit 3134 3.20
Hawthorn Fireclay 23.10
Kentucky Ball Clay (OM 4) 10.50
Lizella Red Clay 5.30
Neuman Red Clay 52.60
Add Amount
Granular Magnetite 3.20
Medium Grog 26.30
Pyrax 5.30
Sand 10.50


Published in "The Dark Side of Athanasius" by Brian Fiorentino, in the Jun 2006 issue of Ceramics Monthly.
The saggar body for the Athanasius tile was adapted from a flameware body, which relies on the unusual thermal expansion properties of petalite to resist thermal shock. As with any flameware body, its reliability may be susceptible to the vagaries of materials and firing schedules. It must be well tested under the specific conditions of its use before you can be sure of its performance. Large slabs were shaped. The slabs were assembled inside 14-inch-square plywood forms to maintain a uniform shape. All inside and outside corners were radiused to lessen stress at the seams.