Ingredient Amount
Ferro Frit 3124 12.50
NC-4 Feldspar 12.50
EPK Kaolin 25.00
OM 4 Ball Clay 25.00
Silica 25.00
Add Amount
Cobalt Carbonate 1.00
Copper Carbonate 3.00
Red Iron Oxide 10.00


I use this slip to fill the voids of the crackle slip that I also use and provide contrast. Pots are saturated in slip and wiped clean, leaving slip in the recessed areas. While the recipe belongs entirely to Mary Barringer, I call it Crackle Spackle. It works well at cone 6 and has been successfully fired to cone 12 in various wood kilns.

This recipe was shared by Eric Botbyl in the March 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly.