Ingredient Amount
Barium Carbonate 2.10
Gerstley Borate 7.36
Lithium Carbonate 11.58
Magnesium Carbonate 3.16
Whiting 12.63
Nepheline Syenite 24.20
Silica 38.97
Add Amount
Tin Oxide 4.21
Copper Carbonate 5.26


Published in "Cone 02 Glaze Recipes" in the Feb 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

A white satin matte to translucent glaze that responds well to colorant additions. Not food safe.
For a white translucent glaze, omit the tin oxide. A slow cooling cycle is best for achieving the satin matte texture. A faster cooling cycle also produces nice results - the glaze is shinier and more translucent. Not food safe.

This recipe contains Gerstley borate, which tends to gel over time. Mix small quantities of this glaze at a time to avoid gelling and related application problems like excessively thick coatings and drying cracks. After the ingredients and adding water pour the glaze through an 80-mesh sieve to remove lumps and disperse any colorants evenly.