Ingredient Amount
Talc 6.50
Ferro Frit 3124 6.50
Ball Clay 31.00
EPK Kaolin 31.00
Silica 25.00
Add Amount
White Zircopax 7.00


Published in "Low-to-Mid Range" by Lauren Mabry, in the May 2014 issue of  Ceramics Monthly.
For Colors Add: Mason, Spectrum, or Degussa stains 5-15%, Metallic Coloring Oxides 1-2%

This is a good slip for low fire. I added frit to help the slip mature at a lower temperature. It's best when applied on wet-to-leather hard clay. I like to brush it on thick, at a yogurt-like consistency for opaque coverage.

I layer colored slips and underglazes prior to the bisque firing. I mainly brush everything, and sometimes incorporate monoprint transfer techniques to enhance the composition.

Commercial underglazes contrast the runny glazes that I often use on top. Some favorites are Amaco Velvet (Radian Red), Duncan EZ Stroke (Neon Chartreuse), and Amaco LUG (Black).