Ingredient Amount
Custer Feldspar 22.11
Grolleg Kaolin 55.28
Silica (325-mesh)* 22.61
Add Amount
Veegum T 0.50
Bentolite L* 1.01


Published in "No-Craze Glaze" by Richard Hensley, in the May 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

This porcelain clay body is vitrified and pretty translucent at cone 10.

In image shown, Hensley Porcelain is the background with Opaque White Trailing Glaze on top.
Mix the Veegum T and the Bentolite L together in two buckets of water and pour them in the mixer after the dry materials are thoroughly mixed. After mixing, run the clay through a pug mill. To increase translucency, add a few more percentage points of Custer feldspar and silica.

Note: This will also result in slumping over the foot ring of plates and bowls, and a tendency of the clay to stick to the kiln shelves. To prevent sticking, add a little alumina to the wax applied to the feet.

*Axner/Laguna sells Bentolite, a white-burning, calcium-type, refined bentonite that doesn't swell, shrinks less, and does not cause speckling like regular bentonite.