Ingredient Amount
Barium Carbonate 4.14
Gerstley Borate 12.50
Whiting 8.30
Ferro Frit 3124 2.00
Minspar 200 Feldspar 39.81
Grolleg Kaolin 3.00
Silica 30.25
Add Amount
Tin Oxide 0.83
Zinc Oxide 0.50
Yellow Ochre 2.00


This glaze can be found in John Britt's The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes. Apply glaze about a fingernail thickness on the surface. The glaze runs a lot when fired hotter that cone 10, so wax at least ¼ inch up from the foot ring. I use this as an interior and exterior glaze in both reduction and soda kilns, but only as a liner glaze in the wood kiln.

This recipe was shared by Andrew McIntyre in the April 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly.