Ingredient Amount
Minspar 200 Feldspar 16.80
EPK Kaolin 33.20
OM 4 Ball Clay 33.20
6 Tile Kaolin 11.17
Silica 5.63
Add Amount
Bentonite 2.01
Zircopax 10.06


This slip is a revision of VCHF3 by Val Cushing, revised specifically for my image transfer process. To work with transfers, it must be mixed with water to the consistency of cake frosting, then deflocculated with sodium silicate to the consistency of heavy cream. I mix 0.7 ounces (20 g) of sodium silicate with the water prior to adding dry materials for a 22-pound (10,000 g) batch.      To use with paper transfers, brush the slip on both a leather-hard slab and a paper transfer design. Once the slip is tacky to the touch on both surfaces, place the transfer face down onto the slab (slip to slip). Use a rubber rib as a squeegee to smooth over the paper, then peel the paper up slowly.

This recipe was shared by Forrest Lesch-Middelton in the October 2020 issue of Ceramics Monthly.