Ingredient Amount
Borax 5.26
Talc 5.26
Ferro Frit 3134 5.26
Nepheline Syenite 21.05
Ball Clay 15.80
Calcined Kaolin 21.05
Kaolin 5.27
Silica 21.05
Add Amount
Zircopax 5.26
Mason Stain #6363 Sky Blue 8.00


Published in "Engobes to Celadons" the September 2016 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

This recipe is organically from Clay and Glazes for the Potter by Daniel Rhodes. This engine, which is designed for bisque application, can be left as is for a white finish. It also works well as a base engobe because it holds colorants well.
When adding water to the raw materials, I mix it to a slightly more liquid consistency. I use a gravity-feed spray gun. Since the nozzle is finer, I add a bit more water so I can spray without clogging it. In addition, I sieve the engobe through an 80-mesh screen.