Ingredient Amount
Borax 5.26
Custer Feldspar 20.00
Calcined Kaolin 20.00
EPK Kaolin 17.37
OM 4 Ball Clay 17.37
Silica 20.00
Add Amount
Zircopax 5.26


This recipe is based on the classic Daniel Rhodes formula. I fire in reduction in my wood/salt kiln to cone 11. The slip would work at cone 6 and in any atmosphere. This is a tricky slip; it only crackles for a day or two after being prepared, so mix a batch and use it on the same day. Save any leftover slip and add more dry mix to it to reconstitute it. Apply to bisque-fired pots. If the crackle is deep and prominent when you apply the slip, it’s probably too thick and will flake off. Translucent glazes can be layered over it.

This recipe was shared by Dan Finnegan in the June/July/August 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly.