Ingredient Amount
Borax (or Soda Ash) 5.00
Whiting 5.00
Nepheline Syenite 10.00
Custer Potash Feldspar 15.00
EPK Kaolin 20.00
OM 4 Ball Clay (or other ball clay) 20.00
Flint 25.00


Can fire from cone 04-7 or even wider range.

I use this engobe in several ways:  1)  as a white-out over something I don't like.  Refire at bisque temperature and then put another surface over the top.  2) As a texturizing best put over a low-fire shiny glaze, then refire to temperature above original glossy surface so that glaze bubbles underneath.  Makes a wrinkled skin on top...very interesting texture.  

Picture shows Conrad Engobe over cone 7 engobe/stains which was then re-bisqued and fired in a tin-foil saggar.  The Engobe picked up the fuming well.

This recipe comes from Lana Wilson's article "Lichenlike Surfaces" in the February 1990 Ceramics Monthly.  Can add stains (10%).  Wilson says add black stain and use under lichen surface.  She says reduce nephsy if too shiny, which I don't understand because it is VERY dry matt.  Slightly different recipes in different sources.

Apply by spray or brush.  1-3 coats depending on use desired.  Sticks well to refire surface.  Ball clay makes it look gray/brown but fires a nice dead white.