Ingredient Amount
Ferro Frit 3110 80.00
EPK Kaolin 20.00
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Bentonite 2.00
Mason Stain 6306 Vivid Blue 10.00


Published in "Raku Color and Opacity" by Jeff Zamek, in the Jul/Aug 2007 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated.
Ferro frit #3110 provides the flux you need in the glaze for it to melt. In fact, at the raku temperature range, frits are complete glazes by themselves.

EPK kaolin, which is a clay containing alumina and silica, prevents a molten glaze from running down vertical surfaces.

Stains provide color to the base glaze.

Superpax is an opacifier that makes the clear, gloss, transparent base glaze an opaque, gloss white.