Ruel, Ann

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Ann Ruel
Little Street Pottery
Suffolk, Virginia



Artist Statement: The pottery that I have been creating over the last few years is all hand drawn.  I choose my images from my own unique vision of the world around me- as I want to see it.  I gravitate towards detail, drama, complexity and childhood innocence. I often distort my drawings and like to connect the images as I draw them around the piece.  I choose my forms to compliment my imagery and forms which I can use as a canvas.  Most of the work is done on porcelain and porcelain striped with stoneware.  I like to throw although lately, I have also added hand built pieces to my collection.  Once the images are bisqued onto the pieces, I begin the tedious process of glazing.  In the spirit of childhood innocence, all my work is colored with various hand made and commercial glazes and brushed on like a paint by numbers or a  coloring book.



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