Badenhorst, Antoinette

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Antoinette Badenhorst, Porcelain by Antoinette
Lincolnshire, Illinois



Studio Description:
Statement: I had originally 3 goals in mind with my creations; Translucency, high craft quality (not perfection) and artistic expression. These days I reach those goals without thinking about them, which allows me to challenge the clay and experience the joy or sorrow as a result of it. I combine any clay techniques necessary to create. Press molding and wheel throwing are normally the starting point to create basic shapes. From there I start adjusting. The whole history of porcelain intrigues me, from the discoveries by Marco Polo to the hardships of John Böttger. When it comes to handling and creating with porcelain, I stand in awe, for the tender hands that created the most beautiful porcelain objects throughout the years and I dream of the days when I might have the honor follow in their footsteps. I don’t know,if that day would ever come, but if it ever happens, I will still be humbled by their greatness. I welcome visitors. Please call to make an appointment. Please contact me if you are interested in my proposal for workshops and exhibitions and presentations/lectures. As part of my passion for clay, I also write reviews, ceramic articles and “how to” ceramic articles and hope to write at least one book someday.



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