Anderson, Julie

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Julie Anderson,
Anderson Ceramic & Design,
Steamboat Springs, CO



Artist Statement: With a background in biology, images of science and nature are consistently present in my work. Buttons, zippers, screws and various types of man-made hardware are often incorporated into these organic forms, alluding to man’s manipulation of nature. Issues of climate change, genetic modification and the excessive use of natural resources are a few of the concepts that I explore through my sculptural work.

About Warehome Studios: We are located in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We live and work in three warehouse units, including classroom space for ceramics and glass. We take interns on a regular basis and teach classes in 5-7 week sessions on the wheel, hand-building and, in the near future, kiln-formed glass. Our facilities include 2 electric glass kilns, a small test kilns, 2 electric ceramic kilns and a 25 cubic foot cone 10 gas fired reduction kiln. We also have a glaze lab, cold-working/polishing tools for glass and gallery/work space. Please feel free to contact us for a visit or to inquire about internship or class opportunities.



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