Aertker, Mirtha

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Mirtha Aertker
Bryan, Texas


Studio Description:

My art is a fusion of experiences from my travels abroad, and ongoing inspirations. I work primarily with ceramics and Raku firing. However, recently I have indulged in the versatility found in metal welding. I have a passion for pre-Columbian culture and other South American civilizations. Their designs often trickle into my pieces. I find assemblage sculpture and mixed media pieces to be the easiest form of expression for my ideas. I use the flexibility of clay, the strength of steel and luster of glass to create them. I hope my pieces arouse curiosity in those who view my work, and stir the imagination upon each visual inspection.


  • Jean O.

    Thank you, Mirtha. I am currently immersed in Fiery Pool, The Maya & The Mystic Sea by Daniel Finmore. which I think you would so enjoy. The ancient Maya cultural imagery is astonishing and so reflective in your work. I feel as if we met before possibly at the Sedona Summer Artist Colony in 2018? I love your work and appreciate your comment.

  • William L.

    Thank you Mirtha! I love your work, too. Very complicated and intense. Art beyond the usual. Multi-media and eclectic. I aspire to this! I worked as a jeweler in the past and described my stuff as “‘pre-Columbian'” art, made last week.”

    I’m flummoxed by the Ceramic Network system. I’ve got more than 100 sculpts by now and can’t figure out how to upload new images.

    Further contact appreciated:

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