Isabella Fazzo
Isabella Fazzo "Forme"
Firenze, Italy




Isabella Fazzo


Artist Statement

I am interested in emptiness, the tangible, and what happens in the midst of ... . I am interested in dialogues. I am interested in narration as a presence and negation, a natural occurrence of the encounter and exchange between two or more entities. What I do is observe and listen to these dialogues, these stories, witness them and translate them into shapes and colors. I am moving from intimate narratives towards dialogues with substances, with their essence. From here I am trying to feel and experience their Presence.

Studio Description

A bright space, very close to the historic city center. Suitable for two artists or a small group of students. It can be worked on the lathe and manual construction.

What type of clay do you use?

For me clay is a medium and a concept in its most essential nature. I move naturally both with low-temperature clays and with stoneware and porcelain.

What temperature do you fire to?

It depends on the technique and the clay I use, I generally move in a range that goes from 1652°F–2336°F (900°C– 1280°C)

What is your primary forming method?

Slabbing, coiling and wheel throwing. I also use plaster moulds

What is your favorite surface treatment?

I love the use of slips, polishing the surface and TS, but I make my own glazes also.

Do you make any of your own tools?

I build the clay-cutting threads, in the past I have made some trimming tools for the wheel and I make the plaster shapes myself. I often use material not created for ceramics as a tool.

What one word would you use to describe your work?


What is your favorite thing about your studio?


What is the one thing in your studio you can’t live without?


What are your top three studio wishes?

Shared, vital, dynamic

What’s on your current reading list?

Byung-Chul Han "Le non cose" original title "Undinge: Umbruche der Lebenswelt; Roberto Calasso "Ka"; Sandro Veronesi "Il Colibri"

How do you save money on materials and supplies?
Paying attention to water, electricity, and recycling as much as possible

How do you recharge creatively?

Resting, walking, and in silence

Do you have any DIY tips for studio efficiency?
Have the essentials, do not accumulate leftovers and recycle immediately, optimize space and tools. A good studio must have the basic tools, it must be well organized and welcoming.

What challenges have you given yourself to overcome?

Understanding what consistency really means and how it is implemented

What did your first piece look like?

I've been a potter for almost thirty years, but I think it was a wheel-thrown cylinder with Shino glaze

What ceramic superpower would you have and why?

I have no idea, maybe I would like to be able to infect people with the passion and joy of working with my hands and living in contact with the earth

What area of skill do you most look to other artists to learn?

The presence that emanates from their works. The knowledge and skill that is perceived in their movements

Who is your ceramic art mentor and why?

I was lucky, I had more than one mentor, among them Takeshy Yasuda, Peter Castle, Christiane Perrochon, Pietro Elia Maddalena, Jean Edwards, Natasha Mayo, Sebastian Blake

What is on your studio playlist?


Why do you create art?


Who is your favorite artist and what do you admire about that artist?

Raphael, Piero della Francesca, Cezanne. They are immense.

What is your best studio tip?

The studio must be a space that you like.

If you could change one property of clay, what would it be?

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