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Debra Evelyn Sloan
Debra Sloan

Vancouver, British Columbia




Studio Description: Self-taught from 1973-79, Debra Sloan attended VSA - 1979-1982, and ECUAD – BFA - 2004. She has sat on all the provincial craft Boards, co-founded an archival website for the PGBC, supported by The BC History Digitization Project, and is collecting BC ceramics marks. She has adjudicated and taught extensively, including 21 years at the Shadbolt Arts Centre, and is one of the founders of WCCSA.

Debra’s work has been represented in international exhibitions and magazines, and in 6 LARK 500 [NY] books. She recently published an article about contemporary ceramics of BC. Debra received a BC Arts Council Visual Arts Award, and a Circle Craft Co-op Scholarship for residencies at the International Ceramic Studio, Hungary. In 2014 Debra was artist-in-residence, at the Leach Pottery, St Ives, supported by FUSION, Ontario. She is represented in the Studio Ceramics Canada Website. In 2015 Debra attended a six week residency at C.R.E.T.A-Rome, supported by the Hilda Gerson Award, and was the Honouree for the 2015 Craft and Design Award from the Mayor's Arts Awards [Vancouver].

Making sculptural ceramics has encompassed my personal, working and community lives for over 40 years. I rely on instinctive process and intimate knowledge of my material to make objects that exist within a context or narrative. My images use common experience to encourage viewer exchange, and familiar subjects - figures of babies, dogs or horses, are displaced from their usual state of being - to posit questions and to speak about individual experience. The challenge of sculptural ceramics is how to frame the potent combination of content, form and surface. What I am attempting to do is marshal these attributes to make objects that will speak of now, and of us.

Potters Mark: sloan.mark


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