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Marcia Selsor
Marcia Selsor Studio
Red Lodge, Montana



Artist Statement
My current work with classic forms has an element of delicacy but suggests an indestructible material. I use saggars, soluble salts, and organic materials continue to expand my color repertoire. I experiment with multiple firings.

Studio Description
My workspace is 600 sq. ft. and my newly expanded kiln shed is 384 sq. ft. with 4 raku kilns, including a pulley kiln, and 3 electrics, including a large oval kiln.

What type of clay do you use?
Coleman porcelain, raku clay, and paper clay

What temperature do you fire to?
Between 1300 F for saggars and ^6 for glazing

What is your primary forming method?
My wheel

What is your favorite surface treatment?
Terra sigillata with fumed salts

Do you make any of your own tools?
I improvise when a problem needs to be solved. I designed and built all my raku kilns, as well a tile rack for raku tiles to be removed from the kiln.

What one word would you use to describe your work?

What is your favorite thing about your studio?
Convenient, kilns are all indoors

What is the one thing in your studio you can’t live without? 
I love having a view of the ski runs on Red Lodge Mountain from my wheel.

What are your top three studio wishes?
1. A self-cleaning wheel
2. Being closer to the kiln shed
3. Wish that cats and dogs were more compatible with each other

What’s on your current reading list?
Watercolor on Porcelain - Arne Ase

How do you save money on materials and supplies?
I bulk order, use common materials

How do you recharge creatively?
I experiment a lot. The results either are satisfying or encourage further research. It keeps me engaged. There is a never-ending quest for form.

Do you have any DIY tips for studio efficiency?
Recycle much as you can. Use towels and wash clothes for clean up. Organize your space for practicality.

What challenges have you given yourself to overcome?
Throwing very larger in porcelain

What did you first piece look like?
One early piece was a small, covered jar that my sister still has.

What ceramic superpower would you have and why?
Able to throw 20-pound cylinder in a single pull. Why? because I am small and envious of bigger and stronger throwers.

Who is your ceramic art mentor and why?
My former teachers , Paula Winokur and Bill Daley. Both were very supportive.

What is your studio playlist?
I work in silence usually. Frequently visited by my dogs and cats.

Why do you create art?
I have created things all my life. Why stop now?

What is your best studio tip?
Keep it an inviting place to work

If you could change one property of clay, what would it be?
Not to dry up and flake off my arms onto wet clay

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