Gloria Dinmore
The Potter's Touch
Arroyo Grande, California



Artist Statement 
Colors and designs reflect the world of nature. Pieces are defined by carved lines, printed in colored slip, or abraded with water and wax or shellac resist. Figurative animals morph into handles or crawl across the surface to bring lines to life.

Studio Description
All work is slip cast, handbuilt, or hand thrown and made in my home studio on the central coast of California.

What type of clay do you use?
Mid-range porcelain and stoneware.

What temperature do you fire to?
2232° F

What is your primary forming method?
Wheel thrown

What is your favorite surface treatment?
Water abraded, stamped

What one word would you use to describe your work?
Colorful, delicate

What is your favorite thing about your studio?
The natural light

What is the one thing in your studio you can’t live without?

What are your top three studio wishes?
Larger, larGER and well, LARGER.

How do you recharge creatively?
Walk my dogs, smell the Eucalyptus trees and the ocean

What did your first piece look like?
In memorium- It definitely was a door stop….."it ain’t heavy it’s my... “artwork."

Why do you create art?
I always have. Can't help myself. It's the best way I know of expressing what I like and who I am.

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