Eva Cline
Clay More Ceramics Studio
Naples, Florida



Artist Statement
I am a hand builder Studio Potter/Artist. I make functional ware and decorative ceramics in high-fire stoneware. No two pieces are alike. I love the effects of adding texture to the clay, and I often add a decorative element of wire wrapped Raku and driftwood.

Studio Description
Located in the heart of the Naples Art District, Clay More Ceramics is a full-service studio offering classes and studio space for serious potters. A Laguna/Axner clay supplier for Southwest Florida with a full retail shop. I sell my work at the studio and local art events.

What type of clay do you use?
High-fire stoneware

What is your primary forming method?
Hand building

What is your favorite surface treatment?
Texture, using hand-made tools and stamps.

What is your favorite thing about your studio?
Lots of space with great people.

Why do you create art?
I have an endless supply of creative ideas, and I love project work (commissions) as well.

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