The Surface Techniques of Steven Hill

Have you ever walked through the woods and noticed the textures on the trees or on the ground? That interplay between moss, bark, lichens, ferns and leaves draws you in with its complex patterns... (Scroll for more.)


**Available as a video download only.

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Rushing Water Studio Production, the producer of  The Surface Techniques of Steven Hill, would like to apologize for incorrect glaze recipe information that was provided on the DVD. This mistakes were not discovered until after the DVDs had been produced. A corrected PDF with the glaze recipes is included in the download folder.


…and subtle colors. Nature is where Steven Hill has always looked for inspiration and he’s spent more than 40 years seeking out ways to capture a natural look in his glazed pieces. (Only available as a download.)

Join Steven Hill on a journey of discovery as he demonstrates his techniques for applying textural slip, pouring glazes and layering sprayed glazes to achieve his wonderful organic glaze surfaces. Steven shares his glazing methods in this in-depth video including cone, equipment lists and insightful discussions on form, surface and inspiration.


Steven begins with a little background about himself and how he got started in ceramics. He talks about how he’s always enjoyed the designs and textures found in nature and how at an early stage in ceramics he began to emulate that. In his first demonstration he leads you through the process for creating organic surfaces with thick slip, a signature technique that forms the foundation for his glazes. When you’ve finished the DVD, you’ll appreciate what it takes to create rich surfaces, and you’ll also have clear instructions that are easy to follow.

Applying glazes

Steven Hill is a master at applying glazes and he begins with a pouring demonstration. Starting with liner glazes, he shows you how to use care when glazing so that you don’t end up with unintended results. One of Steven’s methods is to once-fire his work. This requires a little more careful handling of the pieces since he’s glazing greenware, but he does save time and money by skipping the bisque. No matter which stage you glaze at, you’ll find all the techniques in the DVD useful.

Spraying glazes

This is the most complete and descriptive DVD out there on spraying glazes. Oddly enough, Steven learned spraying techniques when he was a kid and he followed his dad’s example of spraying all his projects with flat black paint. When he got to college, he naturally wanted to spray glazes on his pieces but found no one knew anything about it, so he set off on a path of discovery and experimentation.

Multiple glazes

Steven Hill’s set–up is impressive. He’s got lots of glazes and lots of spray guns, but he explains you don’t need such an elaborate operation. The secret to his glazing lies just as much in the selection and application of multiple glazes as it does in the application technique. Steven leads you through step-by-step on the process of how to use his glazes. You’ll learn the difference between base glazes and modifiers and how they work together, as well as using accent glazes to bring out highlights in the texture.

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