Spring 1998 • Table of Contents

Cover: Melon pitcher by Steven Hill.

In this issue:

Pulling Handles
by Steven Hill
Basic Teapots
by Ivor Lewis
An Approach to Bottles
by Cory Roth
Trimming: Method, Technique, Mind's Eye
by Sumi von Dassow
Building Large Forms
by Michelle McCurdy
The Crust of the Earth
by Sarah Hakkert with Hilda Merom
Geometric Glazing
by Sally Giarratana
The Saggar Firing of Patty Wouters
by Roger Huisman
Challenged: New Directions for Studio Ceramics and Pottery Schools
by Neal Glasgow
Nature Bench
by Craig Hinshaw
Production: Mistakes to Avoid
by Jeff Zamek
Make a Split-Leg Potter's Apron
by Barbara Coultry
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