Sep/Oct 2013 • Table of Contents

Cover: Angelique Tassistro

In this issue:

Softening Form with Color
by Angelique Tassistro
Fluid Curves 
by Martha Grover
Latex Sprig Molds 
by Paul Andrew Wandless 
Pieces and Parts Make a Whole
by Nancy Zoller
Stay-Put Stencils
by Roger Graham
Decorate Pots Like a
Pastry Chef
by Sharon Romm
In the Studio:
Developing a Personal Blend
by Tracy P. Gamble
In the Studio:
Resist Review
by Deanna Ranlett
In the Studio:
Pouncing and Painting Patterns
by Susan Mussi 
In the Potter’s Kitchen:
Apple Baker
by Sumi von Dassow
Pottery Illustrated:
Maori Patterns
by Robin Ouellette 
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