Nov/Dec 2014 • Table of Contents

Cover: Bill Wilkey

In this issue:

Sarah Jaeger's Soft Geometry
by Emily Donahoe
Rhythm and Repetition: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Multiples
by Sean O'Connell
Countertop Companion
by Bill Wilkey
Finding Comfort, Developing
Style by Nancy Gardner
with Bill Isenstein
Positives and Negatives
by Paul Andrew Wandless
A Multi-Striped Approach
by John W. Conrad
In the Studio:
Bejeweled Surfaces
by Kathleen Standen
In the Studio: Getting Commercial
Glazes Over Textures
by Deanna Ranlett
In the Studio: Kimegote Ribs
by Naomi Tsukamoto
In the Potter’s Kitchen:
Gravy with a Twist
by Sumi von Dassow
Pottery Illustrated:
Japanese Teabowl Feet
by Robin Ouellette
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