Mar/Apr 2012 • Table of Contents

Cover: Lisa Pedolsky demonstrates making and texturing creative forms and surfaces. Photo: Waldemar Winkler.

In this issue:

The Cup & Saucer: A Renaissance of Form
by Lyla Goldstein
Impeccably Constructed: The Slab Forms of Lisa Pedolsky
by Jonathan Kaplan
Making Brushes
by David L. Gamble
Mitered Box
by Daryl E. Baird
In the Mix: Low-Fire Crystals
by Deanna Ranlett
Tools of the Trade:Whats Your Angle
by Bill Jones
Supply Room:Cracking the QR Code
by Jake Allee
Tips from the Pros: Texturing and Layering Surfaces
by Jonathan Kaplan
Instructors File:Ty Johnsons Bird Feeders
by Annie Chrietzberg
Off the Shelf:From a Slab of Clay
reviewed by Sumi von Dassow
Pottery Illustrated: Pitcher Profiles
Illustrated by Robin Ouellette
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