Jul/Aug 2011 • Table of Contents

Cover: Wallflower, 62 in. (1.6 m) in width, earthenware, glaze fired to cone 05, gold luster firing to cone 018. Photo by Peter Lee.

In this issue:

The Upside Down Bowl
by Martina Lantin
When the Negative is Positive
by Ursula Hargens
A Box Full of Possibilities
by Marty Fielding
DIY Tabletop Slab Roller
by Daryl Baird
In the Mix: Pyrofoto
by Jessica Knapp
Tools of the Trade:Whats Your Handle?
by Circa Ceramics
Supply Room:Low-fire Clay Bodies
by Bill Jones
Tips from the Pros: Barbara Schwartz
by Jonathan Kaplan
Instructors File: Petal Bowl
by Frank James Fisher
Off the Shelf: Instructional DVDs by Sandi Pierantozzi and Nan Rothwell
by Sumi von Dassow
Pottery Illustrated: Flower Pot Designs
Illustrated by Robin Ouellette
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