September 2017 • Table of Contents

On the Cover

The theme for this year’s contest encompasses pouring vessels; works that focus on movement and flow; and work that is lavish, ornate, or over the top. The artists’ work gracing the following pages demonstrates a wide range of approaches and aesthetics, from minimalist to ornate and overflowing with pattern. Read More

Typically, a gemstone family possesses a base formula—just as a glaze has a base formula. The base formula is clear or milky without metal impurities to provide it with color. A perfect example of this is beryl, beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate, with the repeat formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6. Read More

Years ago, I opened my own ceramic studio in a commercial space, thinking I had a good sense of what expenses were expected. But as in all commerce, there are surprises. Among those was the cost of jeans! When throwing full time, your jeans should be cleaned every day if you’re a wet thrower like me. Read More

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