September 2001 • Table of Contents

On the Cover: Untitled by Henk Wolvers

On the cover: Untitled piece is 15 inches in height, slab-built colored porcelain.

In This Issue

Shinos in the Odyssey by Hank Murrow
Chaotic Harmony
by Marie E.v.B. Gibbons
Japanese National Treasure Uichi Shimizu
by Kelvin Bradford
Nina Hole: Fire Portraits
by Glen R. Brown
Nils Lou
Sculptural Teapots in Los Angeles
Cool and Transparent: The Porcelain Vessels of Henk Wolvers by Dirk-Jan Povel
Always New Beginnings
by Susan Filley
Guilford Center's Ceramics 2001
Medalta: Continuing the Legacy of Fire
by Nancy Frommer LaPointe
Attached at the Hip
by Sheila and Tony Clennell


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