September 2000 • Table of Contents

On the Cover: Karen Thuesen Massaro

On the Cover: "Moon Over Bananas" by Karen Thuesen Massaro

In This Issue

The Studio Sale
by David Cuzick
Von Venhuizen
by Glen R. Brown
Raku Then and Now
by Hal Riegger
Karen Thuesen Massaro
Making Stable Glazes for Functional Stoneware and Porcelain by John Hesselberth and Ron Roy
African-American Ceramics
Tina Vlassopulos
Attention to Detail: The Making of a Pottery's Website by Tony and Sheila Clennell
Common Ground World Mandala by Robert C. Morgan
Meir Moheben
by Sara Hakkert
18th Annual Smithsonian Craft Show
by Kim Nagorski
Heads for Thought
by Dan Tom
Contemporary Vietnamese Ceramics by Melina Maack


Letters to the Editor
Suggestions from Our Readers
Answers to Questions
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